I t would be hard to suggest the best time of the year for staying in Mondolfo: besides the long sunny summer, every season has its share of events. The year opens with the Sagra della Spaghettata (‘Spaghetti Feast’) held in the streets of the walled town during Lent. April is the time for savouring garagoj (molluscs) on the beach, while May is the month of I Magnafava, a feast with broad beans and other traditional foods, held in the villages. Mondolfo diVino is a food & wine festival for bidding farewell to spring, while the arrival of summer is greeted by dames, athletes and knights who revive Mondolfo’s Renaissance heritage with the historical re-enactment of the ancient sport pallone col bracciale. The re-enactment of the so-called pesca con la tratta (seine-haul fishing) is another must, while September is the time for the ancient Feast of St Justine, held in the old town on the patron saint’s feast day (26th September). Lastly, those who enjoy touring the Marches during winter should not miss Presepepaese, arguably the largest living Nativity scene of the Adriatic coast, held in the streets of the walled town.