(distance by car 34 km)

Located not far from the Mount Catria Massif and the Monastery of Fonte Avellana (mentioned by Dante in ‘The Divine Comedy’), the town houses a museum containing one of the most famous equestrian groups of Roman antiquity, the so-called ‘Gilded Bronzes of Pergola’.


Corinaldo and Mondavio

(distance by car 18 km)

Two fortified towns ranked among ‘Italy’s Most Beautiful Villages’. Corinaldo, with well-preserved walls, is the birthplace of St Maria Goretti; Mondavio is renowned for its imposing fortress designed by Francesco di Giorgio Martini.



(distance by car 45 km)

An enchanting walled village topped by a turreted fortress, which was the scene of the famous story of ‘Paolo and Francesca’, mentioned by Dante in ‘The Divine Comedy’.

Grotte di Frasassi

Frasassi Caves

(distance by car 56 km)

An extraordinary, highly enchanting subterranean cave complex—among Europe’s most famous and imposing—visited by thousands of tourists every year.



(distance by car 13 km)

A popular Italian seaside resort, famous for its ‘velvet beach’ with the Rotunda by the Sea jutting out into the sea. The city centre boasts buildings of extraordinary architectural quality. Attractions: Della Rovere Fortress, ‘La Fenice’ Archaeological Area, Church of the Cross, Diocesan Picture Gallery, Pius IX Museum, Museum of Tenant Farming.



(distance by car 70 km)

Loreto is among the world’s most important pilgrimage towns. It is renowned for the Marian sanctuary, built by some of history’s leading artists and architects. Attractions: the sanctuary enclosing the house of the Virgin Mary, carried by angels to Loreto—according to tradition.

Pesaro e Fano

Pesaro and Fano

(distance by car 20 km)

The former, a provincial capital famous for the Rossini Opera Festival held during summer in honour of its great townsman, is connected by a bicycle path to the latter, renowned for its Roman ruins such as the Arch of Augustus or the so-called Basilica of Vitruvius.



(distance by car 60 km)

The ‘ideal city’ of the Renaissance, located in a superb panoramic position, was once the capital of the Duchy of Montefeltro-Della Rovere and is the birthplace of Raphael. Any visit must include the Ducal Palace, among the most superb prince’s palaces of the Italian Renaissance, with the National Gallery of the Marches housed inside it.



(distance by car 68 km)

Among the world’s most famous seaside tourist resorts, Rimini’s old town preserves remains of the Roman and late medieval periods. Attractions: Malatesta Temple and Malatesta Fortress. The city boasts a famous nightlife scene, all year round.

Repubblica di San Marino

Republic of San Marino

(distance by car 80 km)

Among the most ancient independent republics in the world, San Marino rises on the slopes of Mount Titano with its characteristic medieval old town. Attractions: Town Hall, State Museum, Cathedral, guard towers.