The Mondolfo branch of Archeoclub of Italy is an association that works to preserve and promote the local cultural assets, thanks to the volounteer work of their members and in compliance with the Italian Constitution.
Archeoclub is a non profit association; its activities run independently from political parties and without religious aims. Everybody who loves art and environment and is interested in keeping our great historical heritage safe can meet here. This association has been active in Mondolfo since 1982, being always in touch with institutions and schools to make everyone love this great heritage, which we have received from our ancestors to keep it safe in order to pass it to the next generations.
Mondolfo Archeoclub has set out a lot of activities, all of them focused on the archeological, historical, artistic, architectonic, archival, religious, naturalistic and touristic aspects of our territory. It has even organized meetings with experts, and published several books.
Particular attention has been given to activities involving middle and high school students and undergraduates as well, organizing a lot of guided tours and learning trips. Moreover, Archeoclub has taken a key role in building up the Public Museum which is now hosted in the Sant’Agostino cloister.